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Find a Credit Redemption Broker

Have you decided to carry out a credit consolidation? Involving a broker saves time while benefiting from an offer tailored to your needs. Yes, but how do you find the professional you need? Several avenues are to be explored.

The broker: an independent expert

The broker: an independent expert

The loan repurchase broker works for his client in complete autonomy and freedom. Its role is that of an intermediary, whom you mandate for a specific mission: to obtain the best conditions for the grouping of your credits.
Thus, it is not specifically linked to a banking establishment.

On the contrary, it has a network of partners, banks and other lending organizations that it will request as part of the mission you have entrusted to it.

You should also know that if you use a broker to buy back your credits, the latter will only be remunerated when their intervention is successful, that is to say when you have signed up for your credit consolidation in an establishment that he selected for you. At that time, he receives a fee or a dealer’s commission which is paid to him by the organization with which you have signed.

What should you watch out for when looking for a broker?


First, check that it is registered with the Orias (Organization for the Register of Insurance Intermediaries): since 2012, it also lists the intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP) of which the brokers in the repurchase of credits.
The broker should never ask you to pay a down payment before the credit buyout is effective.

If such a request comes from your broker, put an end to your collaboration and alert the repression of fraud if necessary.
Having feedback from satisfied customers is very important, not only for the conditions that have been granted to them concerning their purchase of credits (these may change depending on your file) but also and above all on their relationships and responsiveness.

How to find your loan repurchase broker?

You can choose to use an independent broker, which we have recommended for example, or to open up even more possibilities by finding your broker on the Internet.

Using a specialized site such as Eddy allows you to have your file studied by the brand’s partners, who are networks of brokers in credit consolidation. You thus have the assurance of quality support and a rigorous study, guaranteeing efficiency for your loan buy-back project.