Solutions To Your Money Problems Are Here Loan Loan mediation without credit checker

Loan mediation without credit checker

Are you looking for a reputable bank loan – through a credit agency, but without credit checker? Would you like to know the loan terms before you decide to get a loan? Then the article provides you with all current information about the loan without credit checker.

Loan brokerage without credit checker – always serious?

Loan brokerage without credit checker - always serious?

When looking for a loan agency without credit checker, prospective customers must not take the advertising too literally. For every bad credit situation, there seems to be a credit checker-free credit solution. The loan without credit checker is even advertised as a loan with no credit rating or with words that rule out a loan refusal. The fact is, without credit there is no credit. A loan without credit checker from a reputable bank can be refused.

Another impression that the advertising of the credit agency gives is the variety of offers. This impression is wrong. Anyone looking for a serious – legal credit solution through a credit checker-free Swiss loan has practically no alternatives.

Credit brokerage – foreign credit in transition

Credit brokerage - foreign credit in transition

The last few years have been characterized by radical upheavals on the financial market. Before the financial crisis, credit providers from different parts of europe, mostly through credit intermediaries, advertised a bad credit checker loan solution. These offers have disappeared due to the financial crisis and the intervention of BaFin banking supervision.

The Federal Administrative Court set the provisional conclusion. After about six years of litigation, the most important provider of credit checker-free credit solutions, Best bank, had to discontinue its offer. . April 22, 2009 Az. 8 C 2.09. Best bank was prohibited from continuing to lend to customers resident in Germany.

As far as is known, there has only been a foreign bank since the end of 2010, which may offer legal borrowing without credit checker. It is Fine Bank from Liechtenstein.

Credit terms without brokering

Credit terms without brokering

Only two loan amounts without credit checker can be applied for via a credit broker or directly. A loan of USD 3,500 at an effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent is possible without intermediaries. Or – variant two, a loan of 5,000 USD at an annual percentage rate of 11.61 percent. A fixed term of 40 months is planned for both loan variants.

Lending is subject to a strict set of rules. What is required is a permanent, permanent employment relationship, at least one year with the same employer and a minimum income. For a credit checker-free loan over 3,500 USD, the net working income of a single person must be at least 1,130 USD per month. In the loan variant with 5,000 USD, it is even 1,600 USD.

The required amount of income increases as soon as a dependent person is added. For example, anyone who is married or has a child to care for must already earn around $ 1,550 in net monthly work income. 3,500 dollar loan. Proof of income is provided in the last two salary slips and the bank statements.